Welcome to Deutsch Center International
German Language School and Cultural Events

Welcome to Deutsch Centre International
German Language School and Cultural Events


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Health tourism with tradition: Germans in “Kur”

“Ist zur Kur” – if you are interested in German language and culture, this skid of Hanns Dieter Hüsch, a brilliant wordsmith and satirist, is worth listening to. It describes the growingly

Hanseatic nobility and civic freedoms

The medieval trade association that shaped Germany and modern Europe Welcome to a journey back into history and up to the very North of Germany, the realm of the “Hanseat”, a very special breed

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"Myrjam was absolutely delightful and made learning fun. Thank you and I will highly recommend the course and the teachers. Danke schoen"


Business German
"I have really enjoyed getting a taste of the German language, it's been surprising how much we have been able to cover in just ten weeks. The small group size and great native teacher ensured a fun and productive programme."


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