The German gardener

“My home is my castle” – it might be surprising, but this English term can be found on the wall of many German households, often in handmade stitching. It fits all too well with the German attitude of “schaffe,

Why German Wine?

Germany is the eighth largest producer of wine in the world. If you have ever lazily sailed along the Rhine River in Western Germany you will have noted the vineyards which pepper the banks. Germany is wine country

Mein Manchester

by Antje Timmermann and Prudence Clarke Manchester is our hometown – most of the the Deutsch Centre staff have chosen to live here, our blogger Prue was even born here. It is a city of diversity and vibrancy

A German Fairy Tale

World Book Day is the highlight of the week for many children across the world. The world wide celebration of reading encourages literacy. It will see children dress up as their favourite book characters as well as