Five of the best German Beaches

When you think of Germany you probably don’t picture white sands and palm trees. If you’re in search of a European beach holiday you might be more inclined to go to Spain, Italy or France but Germany is the hidden gem for seaside vacations.

The north coast of Germany runs along both the Baltic and the North Sea. Baltic coast destinations have become popular over the last couple of years due to the white sands and temperate climate. Whilst the words ‘North Sea’ conjure up images of oil rigs, the coast along Germany is far from industrial.

1.Sylt Island

Situated in the North Sea, Sylt Island is one of the most well known holiday destinations in Germany. The island is a haven for celebrities making it a rather exclusive place to holiday. Louis Vuitton and Hugo Boss are typical of the shops to be found there. Some of the island’s restaurants have been featured in well-known magazines – it’s a foodies heaven.

During the peak, months of July and August prices can be restrictively high but in other months they reduce. It’s a family friendly location with a plethora of water sports to entertain people of all ages. The Island hosts the Windsurf World Cup which has helped Sylt Island gain international fame.

2. Juist

Juist is an East Frisian Island which is known as the ‘magic land’. Almost all the buildings on the island feature guest rooms so finding a place to stay isn’t too difficult even during summer months. Cars aren’t allowed however so travel is a little trickier – you have to ride a bicycle or take a horse drawn carriage. There is a beautiful white sand beach to kick back and relax on. The island is also a perfect destination for bird spotters as it is the migratory home of several bird species.

3. Warnemünde

Warnemunde is the seaside resort found outside the city of Rostock in Mecklenburg. The city itself is a great holiday spot due to its historical significance. It is home to one of the worlds oldest universities, the University of Rostock, which was set up in the early fifteenth century.

The seaside region makes for an idyllic summer break. The shallow Baltic waters are great to paddle in on a warm day. It is an ideal place to lie back and relax or watch cruise ships dock just off shore. If you are after a family friendly seaside resort, Warnemunde is just the place.

4. St. Peter-Ording

At St. Peter-Ording you will find a traditional seaside town. On windy days hunkering down with a ‘beach coffee’ at one of the beach side restaurants is the norm whilst sunny days can be spent walking out to meet the sea. It’s an enormous beach which means that there is always plenty of room as well as a lot of kites.

5. Bay of Lübeck

The Bay of Lübeck hosts more than just one beach. Timmendorfer, Pelzerhaken, Scharbeutzer, and Grömitzer are all lovely beaches. Pelzerhaken especially attracts sun seekers as it is a renown sun trap. If hours worshipping the sun become a bit boring then the lighthouse and pier will provide a not too strenuous distraction.

Food in the Bay of Lubeck is famously fresh and tasty. Sample just caught fish as well as the areas specialty dish of spicy pork.

When you book your next beach holiday why not give one of Germanys resorts a try?

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