Art Project: Message from Manchester (English)

A guest post by Wolfgang Schnurr

translated into English by Sabrina Wagner

From 22nd to 24thSeptember 2017, the Industrial Heritage Days are taking place in Chemnitz for the 8th time already. The factory site “schönherr.fabrik” will serve as a venue. As a symbol of building bridges between Chemnitz and its British twin city Manchester, four artists from the North-West will be exhibiting their work in the central art building “K40” under the title “Message from Manchester”.

The project was initiated by Wolfgang Schnurr and his company Palis Advisory GmbH. The works show art that addresses themes of the city’s industrial heritage and uses textiles as a medium of contemporary art.

Photographer Aidan O’Rourke places the coming to terms with the city’s architecture and its connection to the industrial past in the foreground. In contrast, the video artist Thaleia Kavvada’s work focuses on the friction between filmed and spatial realities, that turn the textile projection surface into the medium for these experiences. Julie James Turner created five embroidered dresses in the style of Victorian mourning clothing using black taffeta. Thanks to the transparency of her work, the connection of the worlds between grief and hope opens up. Thaleia Kavveda and Julie James Turner recently exhibited their work together in the Neo Gallery in Bolton.

Sally Gilford completes the spectrum of artists. She deals with the image structures of biological/scientific research results in order to use these as motifs in her textile printing. The results also include textile products such as clothes, bags and pillows.

The project “Message from Manchester” is the start project for another art project that is planned as part of a festival to celebrate the city’s 875thanniversary next year. This exhibition also deals with the industrial heritage that links the two cities. The City of Chemnitz is currently preparing an application to become European Capital of Culture.

This artistic encounter aims to foster the relationship between the two cities in an area where they both have a long tradition: in the industrial culture that has been shaped by machines and textiles, personal encounters between artists and visitors will set free creativity and create spaces to meet.

You can find more information on this and other art projects on the webpages of the Palis Advisory GmbH (in German)

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