Elementary 2 (online)

  • Course Level: Beginner
    • Day: Thursday
    • Time: 18:00 - 19:30
    • Dates running: 7th September - 14th December 2023


A chalkboard with "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" written on it

German Elementary 2 Class

This course concludes the CEFR Level A1, where you will be able to understand and communicate in simple, everyday expressions.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understanding written notes and phone conversations
  • Requesting services
  • Clothes
  • Talking about what you like and dislike
  • Making appointments
  • Inviting guests
  • Festivities and celebrations

Material Includes

  • 15x90min of live tuition in a small group
  • German native speaking teacher
  • 1x60min private session via zoom with your tutor
  • Certificate at the end of the course


  • This course concludes CEFR Level: A1
  • Previous Deutsch Centre course level: Elementary 1
  • Open to new learners with German skills at A1.2 level
  • Please purchase the coursebook "Schritte International neu 2" by Hueber (or continue using it from your previous course)

Target Audience

  • Learners who want to be able to understand and communicate in German in simple, everyday situations.