Beginner 2 (online)

  • Course Level: Beginner
    • Day: Thursday
    • Time: 19:30 - 21:00
    • Dates running: 21st September - 7th December 2023


Mobile phone with German learning programme held in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

German Beginner 2 Class

You have picked up some basics of the German language – maybe from living around Germans, maybe from Duolingo – and you now want to benefit from studying in a group.

What Will I Learn?

  • Talk about your daily and weekly routine
  • Tell the time
  • Order in a restaurant
  • Go shopping
  • Talk about your hobbies / interests
  • Discuss the weather and seasons
  • Talk about your skills

Material Includes

  • 12x90min of online tuition in a small group
  • German native speaking teacher
  • 1x60min private session via zoom with your tutor
  • Certificate at the end of the course


  • Previous Deutsch Centre course level: Beginner 1
  • CEFR Level: A1.1
  • If you start with this course we recommend some basics of the German language (introductions, greetings, spelling, numbers, phrases about food and family)
  • Please purchase the coursebook "Schritte International neu 1" by Hueber

Target Audience

  • successful participants of Beginner 1
  • Learners who have started teaching themselves with apps and self-guided courses and would now like to join a group and enjoy a tutor-led course